13 Best Features of SEMrush That Help It Stand Out

January 12, 2023
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SEMrush needs no introduction. The digital marketing and visibility management software program is trusted by millions of users all over the world, ranging from companies to individuals. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools that allows digital marketers to monitor their competition and design impactful campaigns.

Below, we discuss some of its best features that differentiate it from others:

1. Traffic Percentage Metric

The traffic percentage metric takes the estimated volume for keywords and compares it with a website’s current ranking to assess how much traffic is being generated for each keyword. This is an estimated figure only, but it enables quick insights into how well a website is performing for a keyword. It shows whether performance has improved or declined over time.

2. Position Tracking

The position tracking feature helps users improve their search rankings. It lets them follow their position for keywords and compare it with how local competitors are doing. Since rankings are updated daily, there’s no risk of having to work with outdated information or old data. Users can see how their websites are performing and take steps for improvement as needed.

3. Site Audit

The site audit feature can be programmed to analyze a website regularly. It identifies problems that could harm a website from an SEO perspective. With every update or addition to a website, there’s a risk that the efforts put into perfecting its SEO would be wasted. The site audit feature prevents that from happening by enabling quick resolution of issues.

4. On-Page SEO Checker

The on-page SEO checker considerably simplifies the optimization process. It analyzes a website’s pages, and offers practical steps for improving them while keeping the competition in mind. The on-page SEO checker pinpoints exactly what’s wrong with a page from an SEO point of view and educates users on content creation.

5. Domain Overview

The domain overview feature is how SEMrush makes competitor analysis easy. It allows users to stay on top of competitor activity by revealing which of a competitor’s webpages are performing the best and their biggest keywords. Users can even use the data they acquire from domain overview with other SEMrush tools to essentially take a deep dive into their competitor’s search visibility. The benefits are two-fold: users can figure out what’s working for their competitors and how to recreate it in their own work, while also seeing what isn’t working for their competitors and not repeating those mistakes.

6. Keyword Alerts

SEMrush enables users to keep tabs on their most important keywords with the keyword alerts feature. It sends out an alert in the form of an email notification every time there’s a change in a keyword’s position. This works both ways, allowing users to track the upward as well as downward movement of keywords. Losing the desired spot can be quickly corrected if caught in time.

7. Topic Research

The topic research feature is helpful for crafting the perfect SEO content strategy. It allows users to analyze their competitors’ content and derive ideas for creating content of their own. When it comes to SEO writing, there’s often pressure to be original while also following all the relevant best practices, and the topic research feature makes it easy to strike a balance between the two. The feature is just as useful for marketing activities on social media.

8. Project Dashboard

Given the extensive amount of useful information generated by SEMrush, it can often be overwhelming to keep track of all of it and know what to do with it. The project dashboard keeps things from getting out of control by providing the most important information in one convenient place. Overall website health, changes in keyword positions, and insights into webpage traffic are all provided on a single screen.

9. Content Optimization

SEMrush already facilitates competitor analysis through many of its features. But the content optimization tool takes things up a notch by suggesting the changes that can make a user’s content more competitive. Users can quickly analyze their competitors for a given keyword, and then follow the suggestions offered to them to ensure that their content stands out.

10. Backlinks Gap

SEO professionals know that building high-quality backlinks is crucial for an effective SEO strategy. The backlinks gap feature by SEMrush lets users keep their link-building on point. It analyzes traffic and a range of other factors to calculate whether a link has gained or lost authority over the past six or twelve months. It offers daily reports on changes in a user’s links, and as with all other features of SEMrush, enables quick competitor analysis.

11. SEO Content Template

The SEO content template features allow users to check their content in real-time. It recommends keywords and phrases that can be used to add more value to the content. Users can even assess the competitiveness of a particular topic and see the relevant subtopics that they should be covering in their content.

12. Keyword Magic

The keyword magic tool is where SEMrush’s algorithms and datasets truly come out to play. Hands down, it’s one of the best keyword research tools out there. Using a database of over 10 billion keywords, the keyword magic tool allows users to figure out which keywords deserve their time and effort more than others. Users can easily go after keywords that have low competition and make a significant impact there.

13. Visibility Report

The visibility report feature provides users with simple, no-nonsense insights into their domain’s position on Google for given keywords. Users can quickly check where their website ranks among the top 100 results, and they can monitor the competition to easily keep up with their progress too.


These are just a few of the features that put SEMrush in a class of its own. Experienced users know how to leverage each of its different tools for getting the best results from their marketing activities. Its user-friendly design and unmatched tools have kept it the market leader for 12 years and counting.

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