5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your E-Commerce Store Without Buying Ads

September 12, 2023
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Content Marketing

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on advertisements to increase the traffic to your website; there are many organic ways to do that.

Although these ways don't require high capital, they require hard work, strategy, and consistency.

Organic traffic increases your credibility and reputation in the industry, and more customers will trust you (and may become repeat customers). 

Here's how you can drive more traffic to your eCommerce business:   

Engaging and Valuable Blogs

Did you know that 70% of consumers learn about a business through articles (not ads)?

Search engines like Google prefer websites with high-quality and updated content, and you can do that by adding a blog section on your eCommerce website.

You can add useful content in this section rather than posting dozens of promotional pieces.

Blogs that drive traffic are entertaining, engaging, and offer unique value to the readers.

Here are a few ideas to use for your blog:

  • Infographics that discuss an interesting success story or a case study in your niche
  • Answering questions that your audience may have
  • Relating a trend, pop-culture news story to your products and talking about it
  • Sharing behind-the-scenes insights about your products
  • Something light and humorous to engage readers
  • Product reviews and how-to guides

As long as your blogs are well-written according to your target audience's preferences and are SEO optimized, your eCommerce store will get more traffic.

You can convert your visitors into customers by using compelling words and call-to-actions. 

You can also hire a blog management service for convenience and better results. 

Guest Blogging

With guest blogging, you post your blogs and articles on other high-traffic websites in your niche.

For example, many business owners post their blogs on popular websites like Forbes, Vogue, The Spruce, etc., to educate readers and get their names out there as much as possible.  

These websites already have an established audience and higher ranking on search engines, so most of your target audience can find your website through these blogs because you will be linking them to your site.

Moreover, guest blogging helps you build authority in your industry, showcase your expertise and offer your visitors a great first impression. 

Social Media Marketing

Most of your potential and existing customers are on social media, and leveraging these platforms can boost your online business.

Create an effective social media strategy and post content according to your target audience's preferences.

If you grab their attention, they will most likely visit your website.

You can also monitor the referral traffic from Google Analytics to see how many people visit your website from your social media platforms. 

 Here are some tips for creating a good social media strategy: 

  • Create and optimize your profile on all social media platforms
  • Be consistent with your posts
  • Create unique, attention-grabbing, and meaningful content
  • Keep up with the trends
  • Engage your audience by asking questions or offering giveaways 
  • See what your competitors are doing because they have the same target audience as yours

Search Engine Optimization

SEO plays an important role in increasing the traffic to your website. It provides a way to communicate with the search engines and help them find and rank you higher.

Here are a few practices that you need to follow:

  • Add relevant keywords in your web content, blog headlines, meta descriptions, product descriptions, etc. 
  • Optimize the URL structure of your website
  • Use intuitive, logical, and easy navigation 
  • Create mobile-responsive website
  • Compress and optimize media content for faster loading times
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Outsource Digital Marketing Team

Hiring a skilled and experienced digital marketing team eliminates the hassle of following all these steps.

They know how to keep your audience engaged and convert your leads into sales.

At Urban Pixel, we offer a wide range of services to increase organic traffic to your eCommerce business.

Our services include SEO & SEM, website optimization, quality content writing services, blog management, and more.

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