Canva – The Future of Design

February 18, 2022
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Even in the rising tide of social media-focused applications, Canva has been a household name since its inception for its ease of use and strong community. The application has continued dominance thanks to its developing roster of features which have improved over the years. Here's why apps like it are the future of design:

Easy to Understand

Many contemporary artists stay away from digital solutions because of their learning curve. They might be great at formulating ideas and designs, but it's the tools and how unintuitive they can be which sets them off. Canva takes a different approach, providing an extremely simple yet efficient interface for users to start with.

It offers a basic guide at the beginning to help the user become familiar with how the application works and assists them until they save their project. Those reluctant to learn industry-standard applications of the past can grasp how Canva works fairly easily.

Lightweight Application

One of the greatest facets of Canva is how lightweight the application itself is, capable of running perfectly on a web browser. It uses a fat client system, which means most of the heavy-duty work is handled by its server rather than your device. Even if you have an outdated computer, you might not face that much of an issue using some of its more extensive features.

Other heavier applications on the other hand might not even be compatible with your machine, while you only need a browser for Canva.

Mobile Friendly

Canva has mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. And it’s no slouch either, providing all of the essential features that make Canva on PC/Mac so desirable. Imagine you’re on your way and you realize some changes need to be made to your poster. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device capable of running Canva and you can easily edit it on the go.

Being able to edit the content on your phone is a great boon as you can view how it will appear on the phone, helping you narrow down changes for the best fit.

Social Media Centric

Social media is not just a place for people to reach out to their friends, but a set of platforms by which influencers and businesses are interacting with their audiences. Canva helps create content that’s suited for all of the mainstream social media applications. It has many presets designed for various platforms, with the dimensions set to work natively with the particular application.

Suppose you're designing your latest Instagram post. All you have to do is select an Instagram post when you begin designing on Canva, and from there you can expect it to adjust flawlessly on your timeline.

Brand Kits

One of Canva’s best features is its brand kit. Essentially, it allows you to save a palette of colors, fonts that you commonly use. Companies and businesses generally follow a particular style, save for the average holiday or special event. All you need to do is reach out to your brand kit for easy access to some of your most-used assets.

It can help designers from second-guessing the colors they commonly use and can take a few steps out of the design process.

Easy Design Templates

If you’re not an ace at designing, you can still get a lot of work done with Canva. The community consistently creates templates for different occasions, industries, and niches. You can modify and edit these files to make them your own, able to make all kinds of changes to suit your brand and message.

It’s a great way of reducing some of the redundant tasks that designers have to go through on each project. Whether you’re feeling uninspired or need something more than a blank canvas to get started, you can use the templates on Canva to get to work.

Powerful Features

Despite being a lightweight application, Canva has some powerful features that many of its competitors still lack. A common feature loved by the community is the background removal tool. It uses AI to detect the foreground and eliminates the background. It's a fairly refined solution, but even if you feel the need to make any adjustments, you can use the erase tool to tidy up some of the AI's work.

Getting this job done on any other app would take you a fair bit of time, and hardly minutes with a good internet connection and a subscription to Canva Pro.

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