Creating Content for Your Social Media Campaign with Canva

February 18, 2022
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Brands are constantly using social media to interact with their customers, running their campaigns and staying relevant at all times. Images and videos are the dominating content these days with the kind of retention they offer as compared to text, which has its own benefits. Here’s how Canva is helping people create content more easily and efficiently:

Creating Content for Your Social Media Campaign with Canva
Creating content using Canva

Create Brand Kit

Most brands don’t use the entire spectrum of colors for their branding material, promotional posts or other published content in general. There’s a specific theme that they generally abide by which they consistently use. This applies for the fonts they use, either for their logo, its subtext and the marketing material.

Rather than having to second guess through a list each time, Canva allow you to create a brand kit where you can store your brand’s fonts and colors for easy access. Convenient and consistent design made easy with a simple tool.

Templates to Get You Started

Not a pro at designing? Not to worry. Canva’s community is fairly strong, coming up with unique content on a regular basis. Much of it is publicly available for others to use. You can find seasonal and topical designs and easily use them to create something for your needs.

Take a preexisting template and make changes to it, allowing you to modify nearly every aspect to truly hone the design and make it yours. Even if you’re a design expert, a template can be much better than starting off with a clean canvas.

Designed to Fit

Different social media platforms have different dimensions for the kind of post that they allow. Within those platforms, there are further options. For example, an Instagram story has a 1080 x 1920 dimension while its posts have 1080 x 1080 size. Creating a general design will either cause the images to look bad, misshapen or might not fit at all on the platform you’re using it for.

Canva is aware of this, and it allows you to pick the kind of post you’re going for with different options for each social media. You can resize content to ensure it looks fit for the native dimension the post offers.

If you’re looking for more information about Canva and other tools to help you stay on top of your brand design game, Urban Pixel has all you need. We provide a variety of content on affiliate marketing, SEO and other tips and tricks that’s insightful and effective for your product and business marketing strategies.

Canva allows you to create content that fits the screen, offers template to start easily with a brand kit to help create consistent projects.

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