Gen Z Drawn to Cannabis Products

February 18, 2022
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This year, the oldest member of Gen Z will turn 27. That means that the global cannabis market will be bombarded with new customers. These people belong to a generation that has emerged beyond cultural touchstones and has developed new tastes. As the sales of cannabis-infused products have begun picking up, younger individuals are demonstrating a decreased interest in alcohol. 

A frequently cited research from Business Insider showed that teenagers and people in their early 20s reported drinking 20% less per capita than millennials did. Furthermore, 64% of individuals said they expect to drink less frequently. However...

This Trend Isn’t Something Out of the Ordinary

The same trend could also be noticed in millennials and generation X, who preceded them. This indicates that younger generations constantly want to drink less than their predecessors. But what makes Gen Z stand out are some unique qualities that impact their consumption habits drastically. Firstly, even Gen Z, who can buy cannabis, was born after cannabis was legalized in California in 1996. Today, 36 states in America have legalized cannabis, and 18 have allowed its legalized use for recreational purposes. 

However, the use of cannabis affects youngsters in many different ways. The effect depends on the person, the situation they are in, the type, and the quality of the product they're using. Research has shown that people who use it incorporate it into their lifestyle moderately since cannabis has shown to become a problem for some people in the past. Instead, youngsters prefer using cannabis when they think its effects can be beneficial. 

People worldwide have used it for thousands of years. The types of use vary, but in some cases, they can overlap. 

The Social Aspect

Improving the quality of life, recreational purposes, and socializing are social reasons people use cannabis. Accounts in history also point towards the use of cannabis. Hindus were against using alcohol in ancient India, but cannabis was socially acceptable. In Rome, the rich finished their meals with a dessert that had a cannabis seed renowned for the sensation it caused. In Indian weddings, bhang was (and still is) served as a sign of hospitality and good luck. 

Today, however, cannabis varies from occasion to occasion. If used appropriately, it can help some people relax, while for others, concentration levels can increase, making other activities more enjoyable. 

However, with time, more creative uses of cannabis have made it more popular amongst younger generations, particularly Gen Z.  

The Different Ways Cannabis is Used

  1. Edibles

All of these options are highly potent, whether they be an iconic "pot-brownie," a lemonade, a THC-infused gummy bear, or other edibles. They are powerful and let users consume cannabis without smoking it. 

  1. Tablets, Pills, and Capsules

Capsules, tablets, and medical cannabis pills let people consume them at an accurate amount. The traditional way of taking medicine is often considered an attractive option for those who are skeptical about the medicinal aspects of marijuana. Consult your doctor to get a better answer of what you should take and what you shouldn't. 

  1. Powder

Cannabis powder, on the other hand, is powdered THC that can conveniently dissolve in water, just like a supplement. This is easier, more precise, and stronger than a traditional edible. 

  1. Vape

A vape provides heat to cannabis which releases several compounds into the air, amongst which one are cannabinoids. The resulting vapor is inhaled with no smoke and is more discreet. Compared to vape juices that have a higher nicotine concentration, CBD-infused flavors are easier on the lunges, and they can also accommodate resin, oils, and other concentrates. 

  1. A Transdermal Patch  

A transdermal patch lets CBD penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. This is great for extended releases, and it can also be removed if any side effects are noticed. 

  1. Tincture 

 A tincture has a concentrated extract. This is made by soaking flowers, and it is dropped into a solvent (mostly alcohol). It's discreet, letting users bring their cannabis dosage down to a single drop.

  1. Topical

Topicals are applied directly to the skin. Products like gels, lotions, cannabis balms, and salves can be used for muscle aches, and other pain relief uses. These products don't produce a psychotropic effect since they aren't ingested. 

That said, one of the most foremost reasons cannabis products have started gaining traction amongst Gen Z is their explorative and inquisitive nature. They're willing to try and experience new products, which is why they've felt the different benefits of cannabis-related products. Some of which are:

Relief from Chronic Pain

There are several chemical compounds in cannabis, most of which are cannabinoids. These have been linked to providing relief from chronic pain because of their chemical composition. This is also why the by-products of cannabis are often used as over-the-counter pain medications. 

Prevents and Regulates Diabetes

Cannabis directly impacts insulin, which is why it can control the threat caused by diabetes. The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) proved with research that cannabis could stabilize blood sugar levels, improve overall blood circulation and lower the body's blood pressure. 

Helps with ADD and ADHD

An individual with ADD or ADHD has trouble focusing on their daily tasks. They struggle with concentration and cognitive performance, which is why cannabis has shown the potential of improving the mental health of ADD and ADHD patients. Moreover, compared to Ritalin and Adderall, it is also a safer option. 

Wrapping Up

Cannabis-related products are not only growing in range but also in availability. Brands are offering several alternatives, and vaping isn't the only option one could go for. These are mostly taken sublingually, as a tincture, oil, or spray absorbed through the mouth under the tongue. Moreover, CBD has also begun popping up in beverages and food.

While it may be too soon to conclude Gen Z's preferences towards cannabis or what they prefer consuming, sales growth numbers paint a promising story. This "cannabis-loving" generation will be a valuable segment (if not the whole market). As the industry moves forward, Gen Z keeps up with the pace.  

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