How to Make Your Website Better

February 18, 2022
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With more than 4.6 billion internet users in the world, it’s a huge market that one can not neglect. For many, it’s their direct source of generating conversion and leads. But it’s not an untapped market by any stretch, and businesses are vigorously using all kinds of strategies and tools to gain a competitive edge over the digital space. A business’ website is an important component that acts as a starting point for many of its customers. Here’s how businesses can utilize tools to make them better to attract more customers and offer a great user experience:

Finding Long-Tail Keywords with SEMRush

SEO isn’t all about keywords, but they certainly are the foundation for a good SEO strategy. With everyone in on the game, high traffic, high potential keywords don’t do the trick anymore with all of your competitors using them. What if you could simply find those high potential, low traffic keywords for your industry?

This is where SEMRush comes in clutch, providing a one-click tool that requires you to add a seed keyword to find those low traffic, long-tail keywords that you need to capitalize on.

Competitor Analysis with SEMRush

Unless you’re in a very niche market like fireproof matchsticks, you’re bound to have some competitors providing similar products or services. Regardless of how good your business and website are doing, it’s worth checking out who they are and what they’re doing differently from you.

You can find websites using the same keywords as you to retrieve a detailed list of all of your competitors, from where you can check out their most used keywords and most viewed pages. By utilizing their unbranded, high potential keywords and making a version of their highly visited content for yourself, you can get an edge over them.

Instagram Feed with Elfsight

Considering how wildly popular Instagram was becoming, it was only a matter of time until Facebook created an online marketplace for it. Instagram has always been a great place for showing off products and services in an aesthetic fashion, but many wondered about its potential as a selling platform. But now, you can make purchases from within the application with an intuitive UI.

Rather than use a link to redirect your customers to your Instagram account to show off products, set up a functional Instagram feed right on your website. It helps bring organic traffic to your Instagram page and helps develop more engagement.

All-In-One Reviews with Elfsight

Gone are the days when people simply bought a product or service off of intuition. Now, people tend to do some serious sleuthing to learn what a product or service really is like. When they can’t find someone they know for first hand experience, they’ll turn to the trusty internet reviews.

So why not make it easier for potential customers to learn about what others are saying about your product or service? Elfsight’s all-in-one reviews widget gathers reviews from different platforms and combines them under one neat tab on your website.

Functional, Aesthetically Pleasing Web Design with Envato

While one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, one can’t help not being put off by an unattractive website. Like setting up a bad first impression, people equate how good a website looks to how good a business’ services or products are before trying them. And in many cases, it may not be feasible to build a custom website from the ground up.

Envato steps in to make your lives easier in this situation. It comes with a variety of unique themes, paired with a fair amount of customization options to hone the design and make it yours.

Give Your Website Flair with Envato Elements

Give your website an extra layer of depth with some and design through Envato Elements. Envato has a huge roster of images, videos and music that you can use on your website. No need to worry about licensing and copyright as all of these issues are taken care of. Envato’s services can reduce the need to acquire music, videos and pictures from different sources, allowing access to all three and more under one hub.

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