How To Respond To A Job Rejection Email After Your Interview

April 11, 2022
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Getting passed over for a job can be painful, especially if you really wanted that opportunity or were confident of landing it. Understandably, then, your first instinct upon receiving a rejection email would be to ignore – or perhaps even delete – it, and burn its existence from your brain.

However, giving a considerate and respectful response to this email is probably the right way to go as it will help you come across as gracious and professional. Also, you will stand out amongst all the candidates who were not selected. This will put you in a pole position if a more suitable position comes up for you in the future.

Responding To A Job Rejection Email After Your Interview:

1) Thanking the Interviewers:

There are several things that you can thank your interviewers for, such as:

- Informing you of their decision

- Giving their consideration and time

- Providing you with the opportunity to know more about the company

It is best to keep this part short and sweet, and not let it go beyond a couple of sentences.

2) Expressing Disappointment:

Just like it is important to express your gratitude, it is also important to let your interviewers know that you are disappointed at not getting the job. Expressing genuine disappointment shows that you were genuinely interested in the position and in working for the organization.

This, section, too, should be brief – you do not want to add a ‘complaining’ tone to your email.

3) Showing Sustained Interest:

The next step is to let the recruiting manager know that you would still like to work for the organization in the future. Not adding this section might lead the hirers to think that you are not interested in knowing about any future vacancies or that you have secured a position at another company.

Reemphasizing your interest will help assure the recruiting manager that you would still like to know about any positions that might open up at some point in the future.

A Sample Job-Rejection Email Response:

Dear [Insert the Hiring Manager’s Name],

Thank you for getting back to me on your decision regarding the [Job Title] position, and taking the time to interview me.

While I am disappointed to not secure the role, I am grateful to be able to meet a few members of your team and learn more about your organization. I would certainly want to be considered for any job openings that might arise in the future.

If possible, I would love to know your valuable feedback regarding my interview and application. I am sure that your suggestions and advices would help me in my job search.

I would like to conclude this email by thanking you once again, and hope that our paths cross again at some point in the future. Best wishes to you and the company.


[Full Name]

Final Word:

Accepting a job rejection email is never easy and giving a positive response to that email is even harder. However, responding to a rejection email in the right manner will help you develop a positive and healthy relationship with the company – a relationship that could lead to you becoming an automatic candidate for any future openings at that organization.

Our foremost hope is that you never have to receive a rejection email. But, even if you do, you now have the tips and guidance needed to take those lemons of rejection and turn them into the lemonade of future opportunities.

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