How to Use Canva for Marketing

February 18, 2022
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Canva is one of the most popular design tools available on the market. Businesses use it extensively for their creating their content. As it’s also easy to use on smartphones, designers are utilizing it fully for their needs to get captivating content to the masses. Here’s how you can use it:

Social Media Posting

A common issue that designers have is creating posts for multiple platforms. You can’t stick to one social media site and call it a day, with each having different requirements. To make matters worse, some social media sites have different dimensions for specific posts. Consider Instagram, which has 1080 x 1080 dimensions for its feed posts, but its story posts require 1080 x 1920 posts to fit the entire screen.

Designers don’t have to remember all of these as Canva has these presets already available, allowing them to focus on the art and not the math.

Highlighting Reviews

Buyers are smarter than ever and don’t fall for blatant marketing. They know when they’re being sold a hyped-up pitch and when they’re given an honest opinion. For this reason alone, buyers look for genuine reviews and opinions. They also take the reviews and opinions of reputable authorities in that particular industry.

Using a hybrid strategy of social media testimonials and affiliate marketing with a reliable professional, you can create Canva posts to highlight the opinion of the individual. It’ll help put your business in a positive light among consumers.

Branded Images

Canva features an excellent brand kit, which allows you to store various asserts and colors that you frequently use to design your posts. Rather than having to remember hex codes for all the colors or the names of fonts you use, saving them all in the brand kit makes easy access.

Consistency is crucial for branding, and the Canva brand kit plays an excellent role in maintaining a cohesive look across all the content.

Now that you understand what Canva is and why you should use Canva and how it makes the design better, it’s recommended that you utilize it for your business. Paired with the best affiliate programs to make money, there’s so much potential available here.

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