How To Use SEMrush

January 12, 2023
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SEMrush is the ideal tool for boosting online visibility and identifying marketing insights. It helps marketers with SEO, keyword research, PPC, PR, SMM, digital marketing, and content marketing.

However, individuals use SEMrush according to their business objectives. For instance, digital marketing is important for online businesses so a person who has just started an online business will focus on digital marketing goals through proper analysis, improvement, and reporting.

SEMrush can enable you to perform all these functions more efficiently irrespective of your business type. It can help measure a website’s visitor rate, improve its online visibility, and report the outcome of your actions.

Here’s a guide for the optimal use of SEMrush:

Start a Project

If you want to measure your website’s recent online visibility, you need to start a project. It only involves a few easy steps and you’d be able to measure the online presence of your business from various angles.

Start the project on the domain that you need to measure and increase the online visibility for. If your work involves other clients then enter their domain into the project setup window but if you’re working on a website then directly enter its domain there.

Discover Your Competitors

Enter your domain in the search box inside the ‘Organic Research Competitors’ report to find out your competitors.

This report can help you discover who’s competing with you for similar target keywords.

Keyword Research

The ‘Keyword Magic Tool’ present in SEMrush helps you identify valuable keywords that you can add to your web content.

Enter any target keyword that’s related to your product or service and SEMrush will offer millions of search results along with a topic.

Optimized Content

The ‘SEO content Template’ provides a template to create optimized content to rank high on search engines. You only need to enter target keywords and the location of your business and SEMrush will generate a template for you.

Build Reports

Go to ‘My Reports’ and add all the data widgets, text blocks, or images from your Analytics reports and Projects into the PDF builder to send reports to your clients to tell and show them your work and the results.

If you’ve just started an online business and need insights related to digital and online marketing, reach out to Urban Pixel. They offer invaluable insights and resourceful information on how to start a small business online or make money with affiliate marketing.

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