How Tools Like Envato Will Enable Easier Creative Work

February 18, 2022
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In a landscape where you have to rely on one provider for a particular asset, Envato is a savior as it provides multiple forms of assets under one roof. Compared to competitors on the market, it boasts a huge library that's constantly evolving and has great community support which helps improve the platform. Creators are loving tools like Envato as it helps them streamline their work. Here’s how:

Easier Web Design

Developing a web design from scratch can be fairly tedious. Many considerations need to take place before you can begin the process. What if you had a web page almost designed for you that you could tweak around and fit for your need? You can easily do so with tools like Envato.

These offer a wide variety of themes with customization options that you can import into Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix with ease. If you don't have an in-house team handling some of the design duties, these are simple enough that even a novice can design something exceptional.

Create Mock-ups Faster

The verification and validation process of web design can be problematic at times. Often, stakeholders are unable to understand low-level designs and require a detailed mock-up to get a grasp of what the designer is trying to create. High-level designs take up a lot of time and you're always at the risk of not being validated, having to start from scratch again.

What if you could create a detailed mock-up in less time from the beginning? Simply take an Envato template and present it, making changes as necessary or moving onto another design to go forward.

Reusable Graphical Assets

Envato provides a large suite of graphical assets that you can easily incorporate within your designs. Rather than having to create any materials from scratch, you can use some of these packages instead. Envato maintains entire collections of assets, especially those commonly used in websites for both web and mobile design.

They also have industry-specific content, helping designers rapidly produce content by using premade assets. It can take a brunt of the workload as well.

Easier Access to Images

To properly space their written content and to convey ideas in a better fashion, web designers use images. Many businesses don't have access to the images that best represent their niche or the kind of results their efforts produce can not be used. There's also the trouble of avoiding any copyright issues that could take place due to using any images from the internet.

Envato has a large library of images, from general to specific niche-focused collections that businesses are using. They're high-res, clean, and easy to use on all websites.

Creative Use of Sound Cues and Music

A common mistake that many web designers make is putting all their emphasis on visual feedback but not paying enough consideration towards auditory feedback. Not only is it helpful for those of poor sight that benefit from better hearing, but it can provide a better experience to the average user. The options are often limited and many are afraid of copyright strikes, but Envato provides a library of sounds and music that you can add to your website to differentiate between pages and add layers to it.

Custom Video Library

While graphic design for images can still be doable, it's videos where problems only multiply. It becomes less feasible over time for companies to get videos made for their web pages, but they do help significantly in conveying messages in a short period. Envato has a large library of videos that you can use, along with the option to make edits to the videos available on their platform.

Rather than having to film, render and edit your videos, you can let Envato take care of most of the workload this way.

Presentation Templates

No longer do you have to rely on boring PowerPoint slides or other exclusive paid options that cost you an arm and a leg. Envato has beautiful, creative, and professional presentation templates that can easily be edited and modified for your message. They have industry-specific options as well as generic templates for you to work with.

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