​​​​Is Webflow Good For SEO?

September 12, 2023
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You’re probably here because you’re planning on building a website, and your goal is to get high traffic for it. This may not be the top priority for some, but most probably, later on, you would want people checking out your website for different reasons. It can be because it’s a business website or you’ve built a portfolio of your work for whatever purposes.

While some websites may seem to take off that easily, but the truth is, they’ve put a lot of effort into getting the traffic that they need. This can usually be achieved by using different marketing strategies, including email, paid, social media, and SEO.

SEO is one of the most popular ways to increase traffic to your website. But besides SEO, the platform on where you built your website can also impact how your SEO will perform. One of the platforms that we checked is Webflow, and we will be talking more about it below.

What Is SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, wherein this marketing channel is focused on getting traffic from different search engines and later on converting them into sales or views.

When you’re searching on any search engine, like Google or Bing, the site brings a list of relevant websites to the terms you’re searching. These websites are SEO-rich, so they are on the top page or at least the first page.

For instance, if you have an aquarium business in the UK, you want your website to appear once people start searching for “aquariums in the UK.”

Is Webflow Really Good For SEO

Like other platforms, Webflow is good for SEO, wherein it will let you update certain factors to help impact SEO. It will also allow you to create an automated sitemap, edit alt tags and metadata. You can do all of these without installing any plug-ins, which is why many people are using this platform.

One of the best things about Webflow is that it is one of the few site builder platforms that follow standard coding practices. There is minimal coding involved, wherein the search engines can easily understand all the information on your website. Webflow makes sure to avoid using too many codes because it can cause pages to load slower, impacting your rank negatively.

Webflow is one of the best options today if you want to build a website. This will let you have a responsive design and is already coded under the industry practices, so you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Besides all these, Webflow also has different built-in tools to help adjust the level of SEO that your website needs.

Webflow best for SEO

Tips For Your Site To Appear Using Specific Keywords

There are three factors to SEO, which include link building, content, and technical. Below are their respective SEO definition:

• Link Building

Link building is a network of mentions that are reputable around the internet. This is where these search engines can help verify that you are a respected and valid source of information.

• Content

Content is another essential factor when it comes to SEO. You need to make sure that you have great content to help talk about or answer different topics that people may search for.

• Technical

Technical is making sure that your website is built perfectly for every search engine today. You need to make sure that they can access all the information on your website and understand your target audience. This can help drive sales and views to your website, so make sure that it is built in the right way.

Things To Do With Webflow To Help Optimize For Searches

Responsive Design

Webflow is built perfectly for responsive design. It is mobile-friendly and can provide an excellent experience for everyone by giving everyone the same functionality and content from different devices.

Optimizing URLs & Meta Titles

With Webflow, you can also optimize your URLs, meta titles, and even descriptions to help your website and other pages rank at every search engine's first page. You need to make sure that you are focused on the phrase or keyword while also staying on your topic.

With this benefit from Webflow, you have the ability to automate your titles’ definition and description using all the fields in the collections.

Use Robots.txt File

Webflow will let you access the robots.txt file of your Website via SEO settings. This will give instructions to these robots so they can go through websites, including Google. This function will also have the ability to do a no-index page, which is a way for Google to avoid crawling to your website's different areas.

Staging Domain

Webflow will automatically provide you with a staging domain and a subdomain for every version of your website. This will give you an exact copy of the website that you have but using a different URL. This will let you try new designs or publish almost anything, but be wary because Google can still see this.


The above information, it goes to show how Webflow is good for SEO. It has everything you need to create a website with added features convenient for you to use and rank on search engine websites.

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