SEMrush Review for 2023

January 12, 2023
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SEMrush is widely used by online merchants for their website SEO. Launched by Dmitry Melnikov and Oleg Shchegolev in 2008, SEMrush has become an incredibly popular SEO tool.

You can use SEMrush for numerous purposes, such as looking for the most common searches, creating marketable web content, exploring link-building opportunities, and tweaking your website to increase its ranking.

Here’s a brief SEMrush review for 2021;

What does SEMrush help you?

Social media strategy

Here are some ways SEMrush can help you improve your website’s position in search results:

Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Magic: Keyword Analyzer | Semrush

SEMrush gives keyword suggestions based on the phrase you enter to help you optimize your website content and blogs with the most-searched keywords related to your business.

It helps you find out the ranking of your search phrases and the possibility of their ranking.

Backlinking Suggestions

SEMrush suggests websites you can approach for backlinking. It also warns its users about toxic backlinks with their toxic score.

Website Audit

Free technical SEO audit with Semrush SEO analysis tools | Semrush

It helps you perform a website audit and find out the required technical improvements on your website to increase its traffic.

The Most Remarkable SEMrush Features

Regular updates

SEMrush updates its data regularly; therefore, the analytics and search volume data you see on this platform is always accurate and up-to-date.

Huge Database

SEMrush has an enormous keyword database with more than 20 billion keywords on its Keyword Magic Tool.

Precise Position Tracking

SEMrush gives regular data updates and mobile rankings to its users. It also allows you to purchase more keywords without add-ons. Even a low-tier plan on SEMrush allows you to access a large volume of data on a local level.

Customized Reports

With Sermrus, you can create a comprehensive analytics report for clients. It allows the users to create PDF reports, including the White Label reports and Branded reports.

It also offers report scheduling and integration with Google Search Console, Google My Business, and Google Analytics.

Content Marketing Tools

SEMrush offers a plethora of content marketing tools to its users, such as Post Tracking, SEO Writing Assistant, Brand Monitoring, Post Tracking, Content Audit, and SEO Content Template.

Challenges of using SEMrush

Computer showing HTML codes

Although SEMrush is a highly beneficial SEO tool with the biggest keyword database on the web, its usage requires you to grasp the technical aspects of website development and management. If you’re not a tech-savvy person or you don’t have a technical background, you may find it a bit difficult to execute the tool. In addition to this, SEMrush has a wide range of features that can confuse beginners.

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