Swag.Com – You’re Gonna Love This.

April 11, 2022
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What is Swag.Com?

Swag.com assists companies in creating customized promotional products that make their brands stand out. The company was created with the objective of becoming the best place to purchase and manage promotional items that people would want to keep. In order to achieve this purpose, Swag.com introduced a range of high-quality products, while also streamlining its purchase and distribution processes.

Swag.Com – Offerings:

Swag.Com offers thousands of high-quality promotional products from all across the world, for its clients. The company offers the following products:

- Apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, active-wear, Polo shirts, outerwear, and accessories)

- Drink-ware (water bottles, mugs, tumblers, glasses, and more)

- Bags (bag-packs, drawstring bags,  duffels, totes, coolers, pouches, and travel accessories)

- Tech products (chargers, audio products, and other tech accessories)

- Wellness products (face masks, hand sanitizers, lip balm, lotions and sunscreens, and fitness and outdoor items)

You can choose your preferred colors for the products, and even incorporate your own logo or any other design that you want. Customers can either buy in bulk or go for one-off, fully-customized products. You can also see pricing, shipping, and timeline estimates in real-time.

Swag Bulk Ordering:

Easily shop from Swag’s carefully selected and organized collection of a wide range of high-quality products, at excellent prices. The precise price will be determined based on the products that you select, as well as the quantities that you opt for.

Swag in a Box:

‘Swag in a Box’ allows clients to select products from the entire Swag.com catalogue and add them to the cart. Once this is done, clients can choose the ‘build a box’ option, and all the selected products will be added into fully customized boxes and delivered at the provided addresses.

This option is particularly suitable for companies wanting to either attract new talent or show appreciation for their existing employees.

Swag.Com – Unique Features and Benefits:

Online Swag Closet:

If you need some extra space to hold the products temporarily, you can use the Swag distribution platform. The company will store your products until you are ready, so that you can send custom gifts at a moment’s notice, to your customers, leads, or employees.

Unique Shipping Arrangements:

Through Swag’s distribution platform, you can either ship to a single address or to thousands of addresses all at once.

Also, if you want to engage a new audience, you can even create giveaway links that let your recipients choose their gifts and upload their shipping addresses. You can track, in real-time, every item being delivered throughout the world.

Final Word:

Swag.com has managed to establish a solid client base throughout the world, and is relied upon by companies like McDonald’s, Stripe, Intel, Microsoft, Uber, Samsung, E-bay, and Amazon. To learn more about the product or place your own order, please feel free to check out their website today.

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