Join Hundreds of Worldwide Webflow Users in the Annual Webflow Open House 2022

September 12, 2023
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What is Webflow?

Webflow is a website developer that allows you to create beautiful and functional websites in a fully visual canvas, without any coding whatsoever. This tool is used by over 3,500,000 individuals and teams throughout the world to create and scale the perfect website for their unique purposes. You can access a number of templates suitable for both personal and business websites.

Through the Webflow Designer, users can leverage the power of Javascript, CSS, and HTML within visual canvases, and develop any kind of website that they want.

Since Webflow websites are optimized for promotion and marketing, they allow for quick customization, easy campaign launching, and can be connected to a number of essential marketing tools.

Webflow’s website-building tools include:

-       Designer

-       CMS (Content Management System)

-       E-commerce

-       Interactions

-       Memberships

Webflow has been designed to facilitate growth, through features like SEO and an editor, while the security and hosting features allow for scalability and expansion.

The Webflow AnnualOpen House 2022

Every year, Webflow hosts a virtual meet-up, which is joined by hundreds of Webflow users from all parts of the world. The event will include a moderated discussion between:

-       Karthik Puvvada: The person behind ‘Build in Public’; @beondeck director.

-       Vriti Saraf: The founder of k20 Educators. She is currently building a web3 Eduverse, where educators will be able to connect, collaborate, earn, and learn.

-       Grimur Grimsson: Video producer for Webflow’s educational team.

The Agendas for the Discussion

The discussion will cover the following:

-       The driving forces responsible for the rapid growth in community and no-code marketing.

-       How you can make yourself stand out within this creative environment.

-       The ways in which community and no-code engagement can be used to improve your career prospects.

What Else to Expect:

Alongside impactful panel discussions, attendees can expect the following:

-       Interactive stations.

-       Breakouts led by the Webflow community.

-       A Webflow community selfie.

Who Should Attend this Event?

-       People who use (or are interested in using)Webflow

-       Webflow community advocates

-         People interested in becoming a part of one of Webflow’s regional user groups.

-       People wanting to initiate Webflow micro-communities.

When and Where?

The event is scheduled for the 24th of March,12:30 to 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Event website:

Location: Gather Town -

Final Word:

The Webflow annual open house offers an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to make the most of Webflow, as well as about the no-code space in general. If you want to learn more about the event or receive updates, please feel free to visit the Webflow GlobalOpen House website.


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