The 3 Best Web Development Tools to Try Out in 2022

March 22, 2022
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Gone are the times when creating the perfect website was little more than an unattainable dream. Today, with the help of web development tools and programs, you can create a good-looking and optimally-functioning website without breaking even a sweat. 

In this article, we will be covering a few such programs that will help you create, update, and edit your web pages easily and effortlessly. 

 Best Web Development Tools to Try Out in 2022:

1. Webflow: best website tool

The first tool on this list is Webflow, a comprehensive website-builder which offers numerous, fully-customizable templates. With a core focus on customer satisfaction and experience, Webflow offers numerous resources for users.  

Webflow is a website building platform that I use to create websites. This website, is built using webflow. It's been a great decision for me because it allows me to be creative and efficient. If you're looking for a platform that will help your business grow, then I recommend using Webflow.

Alongside written guidelines, you can benefit from detailed video tutorials which also include lists that cover all the steps that you will need to perform for any given task. 

Grow your online presence using Webflow!

Main benefits and features:

  • More than 25 customizable templates. 
  • Search engine optimization without having to download extra plug-ins. 
  • Excellent website speed and uptime. 
  • Excellent customer support. 
webflow design and develop at the same time
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2. Weebly:

Weebly is extremely intuitive and simple to use, which makes it highly popular among both professional and newbie developers. You can use this program to develop professional, business, and even personal websites. The best thing about Weebly is that you can develop a website even without a background in coding. Meanwhile, those who are well-versed in coding can go for the CSS/HTML editing. 

Main benefits and features:

  • Close to 50 layout designs that include website portfolios and maps
  • Plenty of buttons, lists, and pop-ups to ensure that your workflow remains intact
  • Easy switching between the available trendy and responsive templates/themes

3. Bootstrap:

This open-source and free CSS framework intends to facilitate the creation of mobile-friendly and highly-responsive websites. Bootstrap consists of JavaScript-based and CSS-based design templates that can be used to add interface components such as navigation, forms, buttons, and typography. 

Being both powerful and popular, Bootstrap is used by a number of front-end developers for creating beautiful and functional website designs through JS, CSS, and HTML. Containing the most sophisticated development features, this tool has been lauded and acknowledged by technical users throughout the globe. 

Main benefits and features:

  • Numerous free templates available, containing custom components, nav-bars, frameworks, and experiments
  • Developed using default Bootstrap utilities and components; minimal customization
  • Multiple customer-support options available
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Final Word:

To sum up, through the use of modern web development tools, even business owners without any coding background can now create the website that they had always dreamed off. 

While the tools discussed in this article do have paid versions, there is a good chance that you will find the free ones good enough for your needs and requirements, especially if you run an SME. Even if you feel the need to upgrade, the pricing plans are highly affordable and flexible. 


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