The Beginner's Guide to Website Development

June 20, 2022
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Website development is a generalized term used to describe all the work that goes into website building. It includes markup, coding, scripting, network configuration, and CMS development. Let's look at the basics of website development.

Website development is one of the most rapidly evolving and expanding industries. By 2030, web developers' employment is projected to amount to 13% faster than any other technology career.

What's a Website?

Fundamentally speaking, websites are the files hosted by the servers. All these servers are connected by the internet.

Computer programs called browsers (such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) use the internet to load websites.

IP Address

It's a string of numbers that needs to know if you want to visit a website. Every device has a unique IP address that distinguishes it from other devices and wastes connected via the internet. Websites like Site 24x7 provide you with the IP address of different websites.

You can also find your device's IP address by typing "what's my IP address" on your search bar.

What's HTTP

HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol is a web development programming language. It offers the fundamental framework of a website, i.e., its titles, words, and paragraphs.

HTML entails several tags, each representing a specific function which then translates into readable content on the user's screen.


It refers to the practice of writing code for applications and servers using a programming language. Each programming language has its vocabulary and rules, through which it communicates with the computers.

Front End

The front end is the side of the website, visible to the users. Users interact with an online platform via its front-end. Website developers use front-end coding to ensure that their website can seamlessly function when a user tries to access it. It allows the website to function without repeatedly communicating with the internet when the website data transfers from a server to a particular browser.


Content Management System or CMS is a term used to refer to a series of programs or web applications that you can use to create and manage your website content. The CMS provides a web developer with basic website building blocks such as add-ons and plugins and allows them to create a framework.

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