The Top Benefits of Combining Email Marketing with SMS

June 28, 2022
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If you’ve been in the digital marketing world for a while now, you may already know that a multichannel approach in marketing never fails to deliver mind-blowing results.

So, if you want big results, you need to take bigger risks. At first, combining SMS and email marketing might seem overwhelming because if any one of these strategies goes wrong, your online reputation will be compromised.

However, maintaining a balance in both of these can bring an exponential surge in your ROI.

Control over the Delivery of Messages and Campaigns

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Both SMS and email provide you with increased control over the frequency and timing of your messages. You surely can’t determine the exact time when the recipient will read your message, but know exactly when it’ll hit their inbox.

Since you know when to send an email or text message, you can also sync the delivery time of both channels. It can significantly help you use follow-up messages in one of these channels to improve the performance of the other.


Email marketing has emerged as one of the most affordable digital marketing channels in the last few years. Several other digital marketing channels often require you to purchase media or bid against other marketers for placement.

Similarly, sending SMS isn’t as expensive and doesn’t require you to bit against your competition for a limited amount of inventory.

In addition to their cost effectiveness, email and SMS marketing perform exceptionally well in improving your customer engagement.

A high engagement rate combined with low upfront costs translates to a winning ROI. In short, combining both channels to increase your reach isn’t just cost-effective but also provide a high-performing digital strategy that connects business and their clients.

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