Todoist Review: Learn the Basics to Stay on Top of Work and Life.

April 10, 2022
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If you are finding it hard to manage your personal and work life, a practicable task manager like Todoist might be the solution to your worries. In fact, that is Todoist’s primary goal – to simplify its users’ lives by effectively managing their workload.

What is Todoist?

Todoist can be defined as a project management tool created to help people manage their tasks more effectively. Through this software, you can alleviate feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm, and instead walk through your daily tasks and responsibilities in a breeze.

By improving workflow, Todoist enables you to make smooth progress both at work as well as at home. The tool has been around since 2007, and, during the last decade-and-a-half, has assisted millions of users in completing almost 2 billion tasks across 150 different projects. Todoist’s effectiveness can be judged by the fact that it is relied upon by giants like Disney, WeWork, and Amazon.

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Todoist – Features:

Below are a few key Todoist features:

Email Integration:

convert their emails into tasks with doist

Google Mail fans would love to know that, through Todoist’s Gmail integration, users can now convert their emails into tasks.

This feature considerably improves flexibility, as you can now add your tasks from anywhere, regardless of whether you are using a laptop or are on your phone (both Android and IOS users can utilize this feature).

Besides, you can now manage incoming emails without having to switch apps or tabs.

Websites and Articles Integration:

The massive quantities of web information can make it almost impossible to keep up – but not if you have access to Todoist’s website and articles extension.

Using this extension, you can easily add website URLs or articles to your to-do lists. For instance, while researching, if you come across a website that you might want to visit later, you can save it so that you do not have to save time searching for it later on.


The smart calendaring tool is one of Todoist’s standout features. Part of this tool is the ‘recurring task’ feature, which allows users to identify any repeating saved due dates. Moreover, you can set due dates based on the date on which you finished your most recent project.

Include ‘Every’ to any daily tasks that you do not intend to do on specific dates. For instance, if you go through your accounts every Wednesday, it is more efficient to use the specific day and not the date (as the date will change each month).

That is not all – the QuickAdd feature identifies due dates and provides useful shortcuts for particular projects, such as task prioritizing, scheduling, adding labels, or even handing a project over to a teammate.


Todoist has structured its pricing in the following manner:


This version is free, offering a maximum of 80 projects and allowing you to add up to 5 people for each project.

Business for Teams:

$60 for an annual subscription; $6 for a monthly subscription.

You get a maximum of 500 projects, and are allowed to add up to 50 people for each project. In addition, you receive member and admin roles, a team inbox, priority support, and team billing.

Premium Pro:

$36 for an annual subscription; $4 for a monthly subscription.

You get up to 300 projects and a maximum of 25 people for each project. Other features in this plan include productivity trends, filters and labels, file and comment uploads, and reminders.

Wrapping Up:

To sum up, Todoist’s unique and sophisticated features made it one of the best task management tools of 2021-2022 – a trend that is almost certain to persist in 2022 and beyond. If you want to download the tool and make your life simpler, please feel free to visit this link.

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