Using Content Marketing for Cohesive Reputation Management and Recovery

June 23, 2022
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Content Marketing

Spreading a good word or a hateful message about a business has become a matter of seconds in today’s day and age. Anyone can destroy a brand’s image with just a few clicks.

But, that doesn’t mean you’ve no control over how people perceive your business. Cohesive reputation management helps you control the rumors surrounding your business on social platforms.

Why Cohesive Reputation Management is Important

About half of your customers only join your social media pages to learn about your products. To make sure they only get to know the brighter side, you need to pay attention to cohesive reputation management through content marketing.

So, if you want to stay on good terms with your audience and looking to maintain good standing with your customers, you need to leverage content marketing.

Here’s How to Use Content Marketing for Improving Brand Image

User-Generated Content

According to a study, about 75% of the shoppers trust user-generated content more than the brand itself. This implies that to maintain a good repo, you need to closely track brand reviews, mentions, and customer reviews on all channels and establish an effective feedback response system.

· Positively respond to all the concerns coming from the customers’ end.

· Start community participation on different mediums.

· Leverage influencer marketing to build business credibility.

Topic Selection

When creating a content plan for blogs and articles for your website, make sure they match your user’s interest. Try to discuss a trending topic or something that your customers actually want to know. If, for instance, you frequently receive some questions on Twitter or any other social media account, try to write a blog on those topics and address their concerns. But make sure that your content is backed by research.

Need Help Managing Your Online Reputation

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The more your business grows, the more difficult it becomes for you to manage its online reputation. Only a slight mistake on your part can lead to massive reputation damage. You can, however, manage your reputation by paying close attention to what your customers are saying about your business and proactively addressing their concerns.

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