Ways of Improving Social Media Engagement Using Canva

February 18, 2022
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Despite being fairly new compared to contemporary applications, Canva has taken the world by storm with its design capabilities. One of the major reasons is that it does not require a download on PC and has a fairly capable application for mobile devices. With a strong community that focuses on feedback and helps improve the application, Canva continues to make strides.

Even the free version of Canva is helping many brands develop content with ease and the paid version builds upon the strong foundation. Many social media content designers are using it now to consistently produce great content.

Optimize Content for Different Platforms

One of the most off-putting design mistakes that people make is creating a single graphic post and sharing it on every single social media platform. The biggest issue is that each site or app accepts a different default resolution, and failing to comply will lead to the image looking out of place or some content will not be legible.

Right as you start creating your post, you can specify what platform you’re making the post for along with the type of post (timeline, cover or story post) to develop the piece in native resolution.

Consistent Design

Most brands and businesses stick by particular theme for the most part, which not only eases their design process but helps maintain a recognizable identity. Apart from the seasonal changes, most brands follow a particular color palette and font for most of their posts.

Canva helps enable consistent design by providing a branding kit option, which allows you to add several colors to a pallet along with a few fonts. Whether you're making a background for your graphics or adding text, your job is much easier and only requires a few clicks.

Easier Design with Themes

One of Canva's greatest assets is how strong its community is. They continue to create designs and templates, that not only benefit their own workflow but can be used by others. Rather than having to create a post from scratch, you can modify one from Canva's templates to make an existing piece fit your theme.

The templates can be changed entirely and act as a great starting point if you’re lacking inspiration. It's much better than starting from a clean slate and gives you inspiration. These are particularly helpful for those that don’t have a dedicated team handling design work.

Developing Templates

Similar to how other people from the Canva community develop themes that you can utilize, you can create templates for your own post. Many brands and companies don’t deviate from the norm and follow a general template for their posts. It takes up a lot of time to develop a post from scratch.

You can make a template for some of your most frequently used designs for repeated usage. By using a premade template for their brand, it can ease the designer’s design process and they can focus on creative work rather than redundant tasks.

Create Variable Kinds of Content

You can create a wide variety of content with the help of Canva to consistently engage and interact with your audience. Too much of promotion is bound to upset some of your crowd that believe they’re being oversold. Add some variation by going with educational or informational posts that help understand a wide variety of topics related to your niche.

You may also explain some of the latest trends and how they correlate to your particular industry. It helps establish your business as a reputable entity within your industry.

Easy to Share Posts

The images that you create with Canva should be easy to share on social media. Canva uses most of the acceptable formats that work across a plethora of social media websites, which allows you and your audience to share your content practically everywhere. The more people engage and share your content, the better it is for your brand.

It’s organic reach that practically comes for free and does not cost you extra to spread to a wider audience.

If you’re looking for more information about Canva and other tools that the leading marketing firms are using to develop cutting edge content, Urban Pixel is a great resource. They provide a variety of content on affiliate marketing, SEO and other tips and tricks that’s insightful and effective for your product and business marketing strategies.

They also cover other aspects that help modern businesses stay ahead of the curve in the digital landscape.

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