Webflow – Top 5 Templates for 2022

September 12, 2023
min read

Even though a custom website template is hard to beat, well-designed templates provide a good starting platform for business owners who are not yet ready to invest in a fully customized website.

However, some templates are decidedly better than others, but, the sheer amount of options and choices can make it hard for you to make this distinction. For this reason, we will be covering some of the best templates available on one of the leading and most popular website builders, Webflow.

Webflow 2022 Top Templates:

1) Analogue:

Analogue webflow theme
Screenshot of Analogue theme

A modern marketing template, Analogue is a suitable choice for any agency or studio looking to display its design work.

The template makes it easy to show your work to prospective clients and allows you to change content or add pages without much hassle.

View Analogue template here.

2) BYRA:

A trendy, modern, and responsive template, BYRA has been designed by Udesly. This template ticks many a design trend boxes, including animation, oversized type, and dark mode.

Although BYRA has been marketed primarily for agencies, the template is suitable for pretty much any website with a creative portfolio. The homepage contains an interactive portfolio section, giving you the opportunity to show your most recent work off.

Amidst the crowd of basic websites, using the BYRA template is a surefire way to stand out.

View BYRA template here.

3) NFT Drop:

NFT Drop webflow theme

No matter what your opinion might be on NFT, you cannot argue that the NFT hype is growing by the day. NFTs have completely changed the world of digital art, providing artists with new and unique ways to make money.

The NFT Drop template has been designed for artists wanting to release or sell digital art or NFT collectibles. This is a good choice for anyone wanting to sell NFT through cryptocurrencies on BlueSea or any similar platform.

View NFT Drop template here.

4) LUMA:

If you have a tight budget, you will likely be interested in this free Webflow template provided by the platform itself. A modern and minimalist template, LUMA contains a number of in-built e-commerce functions. Some of its features include an intuitive and sleek user interface, ample amounts of whitespace and large photos. This template has been designed through the Prospero UI Kit, which, too, is free and available for use. All in all, if you want a modern yet simple website template without spending a dime, LUMA is your answer.

5) Fitnesso:

As you might have guessed, the free Fitnesso template has been designed to cater to fitness coaches and instructors. Packed with e-commerce functionality, this template is excellent for any fitness service provider wanting to offer their services directly through the website. Fitnesso also allows you to schedule appointments and even collect emails through various free resources.

The template has a beautiful design, containing plenty of engaging yet subtle interactive elements.

View Fitnesso template here.

Final Word:

To sum up, Webflow contains a number of high-quality templates that cater to all kinds of businesses and industries. The templates discussed in this blog are some of the best of the lot, and can give any customized website a real run for its money.

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