Who Works in a Digital Marketing Firm?

March 15, 2022
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Did you know 93% of American adults use the internet? From ordering meals to shopping for clothes, the consumer experience is almost entirely virtual these days. We now live in an era where businesses face stiff competition in their quest to rank higher on search engines and build social media followings.

It’s therefore vital for businesses to optimize their digital marketing—and the best way to do so is by enlisting a digital marketing company. But who works in a digital marketing firm and what jobs do they do?

Here’s a summary of five typical roles in digital marketing firms.

1. Content Writer

If you’ve ever read articles on a company’s blog, chances are you’ve seen a content writer’s work! Content writers generate written pieces on topics related to the industries their clients operate in. Their work contains specific keywords and links to help their client’s website rank higher on search engines. This is known as search engine optimization.

For instance, suppose you own a waste disposal company in Ohio. If you Google the keywords “waste disposal Ohio” but your business only appears on page 4 of the results, potential customers might miss out on visiting your website!

However, if you hire a digital marketing firm to generate content that regularly features the most-searched keywords, your website will appear higher up in searches and generate more demand for your business.

2. Web Developer

Did you know the best way to generate sales and increase exposure online is with a strong website? The best websites are both functional and aesthetically pleasing—and that’s where web developers come in.

Web developers design, create and maintain websites that convey the client’s branding while also being intuitively easy to use. Their work makes it easy for their client’s customers to navigate the website without getting lost. Web developers also manage website traffic and optimize its layout so it’s viewable on multiple devices.

3. Sales Manager

No matter how talented a digital marketing firm is, it’ll never prosper without a sales manager. Sales managers market the firm’s services to potential clients. They’re responsible for explaining what the firm offers and managing client expectations throughout service delivery.

Sales managers must know the digital marketing firm’s capabilities inside out. This enables them to communicate the digital marketing firm’s services effectively and prevent them from over-promising things the team is incapable of delivering.

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