Why Case Studies Deserve a Spot in Your Content Marketing Plan

April 6, 2022
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Content Marketing

Case studies have been an increasingly popular and reliable method of enhancing marketing strategies, tools, and campaigns. These are essentially success stories with specific customers who have used a product or service. They can be in the video, written, or audio formats. 

According to research undertaken by Content Marketing Institute, B2B businesses enjoyed a 70% success rate with their products or services when they incorporated case studies in their marketing strategies. Case studies are helpful for B2B businesses and B2C marketing plans. 

Hence, it is clear that regardless of who you are selling your products and services to, you must test your content marketing plan via case studies.

Case Studies Build Trust and Confidence 

A case study provides a testimonial from a regular consumer about how they liked your product or service. This can be significantly helpful in building trust and confidence amongst other consumers. When they hear someone just like them enjoying the product or service and saying good things about it, they will be more likely to buy the product or service. This is mainly because the testimonial comes from someone who has no ulterior motives and is not linked with the company.

Case Studies Are Versatile

Case studies are some of the easiest elements you can incorporate in your overall content marketing plan. This is because they can be easily integrated into any time of channels. For example, video forms of case studies can be posted on all of your social media handles. Similarly, if you have text-based case studies, you can infuse them with SEO-friendly keywords and post them on your website. This can increase traffic to it and lead to conversions.

How to Find Customers for Your Case Studies

Perhaps the biggest challenge with case studies can be finding the right individual who wants to be a part of your case study. But it does not have to be tricky. You can simply go on your emails and skim through them to find customers who have left excellent reviews of your products. 

Then, get in touch with them to see if they want to be part of your case study. You can also arrange a face-to-face interview or a Skype call to discuss their feedback in detail. If the customer has consented, this video can be turned into textual content or directly posted online to your social media platforms.

Besides this, you can also find customers directly by posting an ad at your physical office. If you provide them with an incentive, that will entice people more. Additionally, you can also send out an invitation to be a part of your case study with every receipt. If you cannot find a customer who wants to be a part of your case study, you can have your employees who have used the product give a testimonial.

All in all, in your quest to find an individual for your case study, you should try multiple strategies. Do your best to find regular people who can leave positive feedback on your products and boost the effectiveness of your content marketing plan.  

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