Why Knowing the "Numbers" of Your Content is So Important

April 11, 2022
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Content Marketing

No matter how hard you are working on your content marketing strategy by churning out well-written blog posts and other types of content, it is of no use if you are not analyzing the numbers behind them. If you spend hours writing a blog post and creating backlinks from it, and making video highlights, it is simply not enough.

Imagine posting all of your content on several channels and sharing them in video form, text, images, and even infographics. Then you wait to see how much traffic, sales, and profits you are making. You might notice a minor increase in your business sales immediately after posting your content. However, the sales will go down over time, and you are right back where you started.

It turns out that all of the hard work you put into creating and posting so much content brought about minimal changes to your business. In fact, you were not even sure if any change was made through all of these efforts.

Knowing Your Expectations for a Piece of Content Makes Analytics Easier

With every type of content you post, you should have a relevant goal that you want to achieve through it. The above-mentioned case showed that there was no goal set with each type of content that was posted. This is where the problem lies. Since you did not set a goal for each content piece, you were unaware of how the content impacted your business. 

This also becomes a significant pain point because you failed to analyze your website's click-through rate, sales, email list, and other aspects of the business that may have shown how the content impacted it.

Evaluating and Analyzing Your Content

By now, you understand that it is vital for you to undertake appropriate evaluating and analyzing methods. Luckily, there are many analytical tools, platforms, and software you can use. Perhaps the best one is Google Analytics, which provides in-depth information and insights into how each content piece performs on your website and blog. 

Additionally, numerous paid built-in analytics tools can be accessed on social media channels. They can give you insights into how your advertising platforms are performing. 

If you want to get insights on your email lists, such as how they are growing, if your emails are performing well or not, and analyze the strength of your email campaigns, you can do all of that through specific analytical tools. These are namely Aweber and Get Response. 

Once you have all of these tools in place, you should put them to the test to see your content's performance. Avoid posting and creating any new type of content before you have analyzed the previous ones. Once you have identified what is working and what is not in terms of your content, you can then enhance your content marketing strategy accordingly. This will allow you to get closer to your business goals. 

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