Why You Need to Optimize Your Content with Voice Search and PASO

April 13, 2022
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Content Marketing

Research shows that 20% of all web queries had been initiated via voice search options like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. This just goes to show that in the current digital age, more people are using these assistants.

Hence, your content marketing plan should certainly be optimized with voice search and personal assistant voice optimization (PASO). These can help you dramatically stay ahead of your competition in terms of localized search results.

Technology is constantly evolving to become better, convenient, and easier. Searches were made by physically typing into computers and other devices in previous times. Then touchscreen tablets and smartphones came about. Now, voice search is slowly becoming popular. Marketers need to constantly keep up with these changes if they want their content marketing strategies to be effective.

PASO is the New SEO

Remember when SEO was all the rage in generating traffic and leads?

Optimizing your content with keywords is essential. When done right, search engines like Google can allow you to reach a wider, more relevant audience. But with the recent technological changes where our devices are becoming smarter, we must also consider optimizing our content with PASO.

One thing to note is that PASO should be optimized, keeping geographical location in mind. This is because most people use voice search to find localized products and services. For example, they may search for "The best Italian restaurants in San Francisco, California." 

This shows that your content should be optimized with relevant local area references and data points.

PASO Includes Long-Tail Keywords, Phrases, and Sentences

Long-tail keywords contain long sentences and have about three or more words in them. These should be incorporated in PASO because normally, people use long sentences when searching for things through Siri and Alexa. They don't just use one word, but rather an entire phrase, for example, "Who is Leonardo Dicaprio?"

This is why all of your web content should include long-tail keywords, phrases, and sentences that you think people would be searching for through voice search. This will help the people find the content they are searching for and move you higher up in local search engines. 

Do you need help with optimizing your content marketing plan with voice search? 

It’s not easy, but with our expertise, we can help you churn out localized content that will generate traffic to your website through PASO. Get in touch with us at Urban Pixel for more information! 

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