Why Your Content Marketing Plan Should Include Videos

April 20, 2022
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Content Marketing

Any successful marketer understands that in order to stay ahead of the content marketing plan, you must change with the times. It is imperative that you recognize current marketing trends and strategies and incorporate them.

Take YouTube, for example. Google purchased YouTube back in 2006 because it recognized the growing potential of watching videos online. Now, it is one of the most popular marketing tools as millions of people worldwide use this platform.

Most marketers understand the importance of creating video content to increase sales. Yet, despite that, they still are not leveraging this marketing tool. Those marketers who are hesitant to use video platforms for their marketing should consider the following statistics:

  • Out of the million people using Twitter, 82% of them watch videos on it regularly
  • 1/3 of all internet users, which is over one billion people, watch videos on YouTube 
  • In one month, more videos are uploaded on social media platforms than on any major television network in the US over the past thirty years
  • Research shows that around 87% of online marketers leverage video as a type of content in their marketing strategies to boost sales
  • Businesses and marketers that use video as a form of marketing increase their revenue by 49% more than those who don't 

These statistics should not de-motivate you but rather do the opposite. This just goes to show that video content holds massive amounts of power in driving traffic and boosting sales. Creating video content used to cost a lot in previous years, but now, you can use the same amount of money and invest it in top-notch video production.

Though higher costs are not necessary for making videos, you would likely be getting a higher ROI when you pay a professional to create them for you. However, this is not a necessity. You can even use a regular phone to make appealing videos. 

People watching videos on the internet don’t actually expect high-quality videos. This is why you can make do with regular videos that can be just as powerful in your marketing efforts.

You Must Leverage Live Videos As Well

Live streaming has also been on an exponential rise these days. A video recorded a year ago and broadcasted does not bring about the same level of excitement as live videos do. Most social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have live video options, which just go to show their relevancy and importance.

For more success, you should consider live broadcasting at least once a week as part of your overall content marketing plan. 

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