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Asala Publishers




A great project that initiated a beautiful friendship. Asala publishers was an interesting project. Designed and developed in English and Arabic, a library of thousands of educational books for children.

Built the website, managed inventory and integrations, consultation.

Asala Publishers

Dar Asala was established in 1998 as part of Dar Annahda Alarabiya, and specializes in Arabic children’s books. To date, it has published more than 1600 titles. Asala’s books have won tens of national and international awards including Khalifa Award and The Arab Thought Foundation’s Kitabi Awards.

Dar Asala’s books target children in all Arab countries. They provide young readers with new ideas from their environment. Asala’s books are sold to schools, ministries of education and culture, NGOs, and distributors in the Arab World.

Dar Asala has a specialized educational team that follows up the process of publishing with much care and knowledge. This process is based on recent research developments in children’s literature, and aims to prepare the child for today’s needs.  

Asala has worked with partners on creating bilingual books for Syrian refugees and thousands of copies have been distributed to the refugees in Lebanon and other countries. The books in this project have been approved by the ministry of Education in Lebanon.