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Nathalie Karam




A dear friend and the best fashion design teacher I have met so far. Nathalie is a beautiful and wild character. I admire her strength and I am very happy I have worked on her projects from 2016 till 2020.

Worked on brand development, PPC, website design and development, marketing, SEO and Video content creation.


  • Nathalie Karam is a Lebanese fashion designer, with aspirations to take her already renowned brand global. Teaching bright minds about the intricate world of fashion has also been a growing passion of hers. In fact, she established the NK Method to pass down illustration techniques tailored for novice designers to create their own collections.

    As a two-time first prize winner for best designer ESMOD, she worked with top international designers for over 19 years and promptly acquired the valuable knowledge and experience through higher education to launch her brand. She is also a graduate of the Harvard Higher Education Teaching Certificate. In addition to a certification in Fashion Marketing from Central Saint Martin’s.
  • Her knowledge and skillset led her into launching the eponymous fashion brand, in addition to sharing her passion with promiscuous students by designing her state-of-the-art workshop four years ago.


The brand was founded back in 2016 after several years of working with international designers like Zuhair Murad and Ashi Studio.


Nathalie invented in June 2021 a breakthrough concept that has never been done before in the fashion business history.

The concept was invented to include sizes from 34 till 46, and to adjust on the body shape of every person. Some pieces are gender fluid as well, meaning that men can wear them too. Each item is built-in with detachable pieces, to allow multiple ways of styling, in other terms, one outfit can generate many pieces. The target is to make everyone inclusive, let women feel at ease while changing from size to size. The items are also sustainable since one outfit can provide many built-in pieces.